Ultra Dry Pro-Jet Hand Dryer

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DURO 9803-A
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Ultra Dry Pro-Jet Hand Dryer

Voltage : 220V-240V(50Hz-60Hz)
Rate power : 1000W
Dry hands time : 5-7 sec
Air speed : >95m/s
Dimension : 243(W) x 159(D) x 463(H)mm
Certificate : CE  ISO9001  SAA

Strong Wind in 95m/Sec Dries Hands in 5-7 Sec
- Adopts double air jet technology with high speed DC brushless motor. It cooperates with warm wind function to dry your hand in 5-7 seconds by rotating your hands slowly without wiping.

Unique Vertical Design Keeps The Floor Dry & Clean
- Adopts new design to avoid water dropping on the floor to ensure the health standard.

New Design : Simple, Beautiful, Generous
- Essential product for the high class environment, as it reveals fashion and beauty which is simple, elegant and creative while satisfying.